CR garage door repair

Garage Door Repair

terry jhonson terry jhonson
06:01 17 Jul 22
Fast, same-day service in my situation. Technicians who are friendly and charge a fair price. I recommend this company because they performed exactly what they said they would do, and they did it extremely effectively.
Sarah Sanchezy Sarah Sanchezy
13:48 11 Jul 22
It was an outstanding job that was completed quickly and with certainty. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. We are quite pleased. good job!
Eunice Taharat Eunice Taharat
18:34 07 Jul 22
We are grateful for your presence and prompt service. We endorse top-notch expertise and high-quality work. We will not hesitate to contact them if we require similar services. Blessings! thank you so much!!!
Brandon Gordon Brandon Gordon
17:23 26 May 22
Fantastic and professional service! I called this morning to have a keypad and timer installed in my garage. A technician came out within a couple of hours and did the installation. It could not have been easier! I would highly recommend CR Garage Doors Repair FL!
david ondar david ondar
15:46 22 May 22
This company is #1. I called CR Garage Doors Repair FL‏- based on its 5 Star rating. Now that customer service and I was not disappointed. Solomon was on time, friendly, courteous, knowledgeable, and professional.He patiently communicated with my 86 year old Mother and fully explained his service and the price, and answered all of her concerns about whether or not the garage door springs should be replaced and the type of garage door opener that would fit her needs.We received exceptional service and Solomon installed the garage door opener on the spot. We didn't have to set another appointment. The process was effortless, and the price fit into my Mom's budget. It was $150 less than a competitor for the same product. This was my first experience with CR Garage Doors Repair FL service, and I feel valued as a customer.

Garage Door Repair

CR Garage Door Repair Southwest Florida Systems employs the most qualified, committed and professional employ. It is unlikely that a problem arises with your garage door service that our service technicians haven’t solved before.

Since 1958, CR Garage Doors has become the largest retrofit residential garage door company. Offering the best Garage door service in Southwest Florida and garage door opener repair in the industry. Our qualified technicians provide remarkable 24/7 service to homeowners across the Southwest Florida.

What makes us different?

Non-Commission Based Technicians

Unlike our competition, CR Garage Doors service technicians are not paid on commission. This is done to ensure that the repairs suggested by our technicians are only those necessary to the integrity of your door as no financial incentives are in place to suggest otherwise.

 You Can Trust Our Advice

Servicing hundreds of customers weekly enables us to continue to provide our celebrated service to patrons across the GTA. We prioritize providing high-quality customer support. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week CR Garage Doors professionals continue to develop the long-lasting relationships we’ve built over the last 60-plus years.


If something goes wrong with your garage door, we are always here to help you, often on the same day! Sometimes you need to replace your garage door opener and other times a simple repair can help to extend the door’s life. We have built our reputation by never selling our clients something they don’t need, and always repairing what can be fixed.

 Award-Winning Service

By selecting CR Garage Doors, you are making the conscious decision to employ the best. CR Garage Doors Garage Door Repair Southwest Florida Systems has been awarded the Consumers Choice Award for Best Garage Overhead Door Company for 20 consecutive years. Based on data collected from North American market research firms, Consumers Choice ensures that only the absolute best across Canada are winners of this prestigious accolade.

At CR Garage Doors, we are honored to be presented with this esteemed award for two straight decades and look forward to continuing this momentum in the years to come.

Common Garage Repair Issues

 Broken Springs

The garage spring is a critical component to your Garage Door Repair Southwest Florida. Essentially, a spring helps counteract the force of gravity on your door allowing for seamless up and down movement. A broken spring can easily be diagnosed by looking for separation in the spring above your door.

 Snapped Cable

Garage door cables are of utmost importance to your garage door system. A broken or faulty cable could cause your garage door to stop working completely and result in possible injury. Damaged, frayed, or displaced cables are often found by looking at the top corner of your garage system.

 Damaged Section(s)

A lot of customers accidentally drive into their garage doors causing sections to crack or damage. This does not always require a complete replacement. CR Garage Doors service professionals can often reinforce the existing section, allowing your door to both look and function as it did prior to the accident – saving you money in the process.

Photoeye Issues

If your garage door is not opening or closing, solving the problem is often as simple as checking the alignment of the photo eyes – located above the floor at each side of the door.

Photoeye devices detect the presence of an object and play a critical role in guaranteeing the safety of you and your family. The device’s proximity to the door opening leaves it susceptible to damage from dirt, dust, or accidental movement which can, in turn, misalign the two devices.

Cleaning and inspecting your Garage Door Repair Southwest Florida photo eye is an important step in maintaining the proper function of your garage door and should be done at least twice a year.

How to Maintain Your Garage Door in 3 Easy Steps

The garage door is an essential part of your home. It is often used as the main entry point and of course as the key location for storing your cars and other valuables. The average garage door is used at least 4 times daily. From the kids riding their bikes to summer road trips or the daily commutes to and from work, you garage door is the largest and most frequently used opening to your household.

This can lead to meaningful wear and tear on your garage door, electric opener, and associated parts.

If you are in the minority and your garage door is used less frequently, the infrequent activity can also cause your garage door to fail.

We never recommend that homeowners attempt to repair their own Garage Door Repair Southwest Florida. You can extend the life of your door with a few simple steps including:

Lubricating springs and cables
Removing any rust and identifying any developing damages
Giving it a Clean

In order to determine the current state of your garage door, you can perform the following DIY check-up.

DIY Garage Door Checkup

Let’s say you’re opening your garage door Garage door service at least 4 times a day. This is fairly normal—once or twice when leaving in the morning, and the same for when you return in the evening. This means your garage is opening and closing at least 50 times a week and at least 2,000 times a year.

That’s a lot of wear and tear on your garage door. Fortunately, with these garage door maintenance tips, you can help minimize the probability of your door breaking down in a time of need.

In order to determine the status of your garage door, we suggest performing Dodd’s three-step, pre-dial inspection before calling our 24-hour emergency service hotline 239-771-9744

 Step 1: Exterior Inspection

Begin by looking around the exterior of your door, examining the outer panel and the associated parts for early stages of rust and apparent damage.

Ultimately, rust and prior damages are the most frequent catalysts to cause your garage system to malfunction. If untouched, rust can become detrimental to your garage door system.

Once you finished examining rusting areas, it is important to look for possible signs of corrosion. Stemming from long-lasting, untouched rust, corrosion can lead to dangerous system failures and potential injury.

 Step 2: Interior Inspection

Once you’ve completed the exterior examination, your next step is looking at the garage door parts found within the interior of the garage.

Spring Assessment: First things first, you need to observe the condition of the springs inside your garage.

Typically, these springs are found above the system panel that is located either above or along the sides of your Garage Door Repair Southwest Florida. Depending on the type of door that you have, there could possibly be two springs within your system. Once identified scan for signs of rust and overt damages. If a moderate amount of rust begins to take over an area of your system, we suggest contacting our 24/7 service technicians 239-771-9744

Rust has the ability to impair the function of your springs and can act as the foundation for a potential safety hazard in the future.

Cable Evaluation: Along with rust, make sure to check for other signs of potential damage associated with your garage cables. If you are able to see the cables found on the CR of your door beginning to fray—call our emergency hotline to come and replace your cables ASAP.

 Step 3: Auditory Inspection    

Once you’ve completed the interior assessment, you can move onto the auditory inspection,

Fortunately, this part of the process is not overly challenging. There should never be a concerning sound coming from your Garage Door Repair Southwest Florida. If you hear grinding, creaking,groaning or any other exceptional noises coming from your garage door, a serious problem may be developing.

The vast majority of problems associated with these noises result from bent, rusted or damaged garage door parts.

Springs and cables are only supposed to last a certain amount of time. If not properly maintained, pose as a serious long-term threat to the integrity of your door.

Frequently lubricating your springs can help extend the lifespan of your door. A tune-up by our Top specialist is much more affordable in the long-run and ensures the job is done right.

Trust Your 24/7 CR Garage Doors Service Professionals

We have a habit of not worrying about our Garage Door Repair, until something goes wrong with it.

Again, we do not recommend attempting to fix your Garage Door Repair Southwest Florida yourself.

If you are having trouble with your door call our 24 hour service today at 239-946-6609.

Certified Technicians

Licensed technicians with over 15 years of experience

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We promise 100% to our clients, we develop long term business

Warranty for Parts & Labor

We provide warranty for parts and labor

On time Guarantee

We arrive always on time

Certified Technicians

Licensed technicians with over 15 years of experience

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We promise 100% to our clients, we develop long term business

Warranty for Parts & Labor

We provide warranty for parts and labor

On time Guarantee

We arrive always on time

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