Garage door maintenance is crucial that ensure a proper work function. Besides, regular maintenance reduces the possibility of costly repair. So, here are 5 essential maintenance tips that can keep your door functional. 

1. Parts lubrication 

One of the essential maintenance tips for a garage door is the lubrication of different moving parts regularly. For example, important moving parts like hinges, springs, rollers, and tracks need regular lubrication.

It helps to prevent wear and tear in parts. Moreover, regular lubrication reduces the friction of parts. Therefore, using a quality lubricant that is specially designed for a garage door is beneficial. 

2. Check the door balance

Another crucial aspect of garage door maintenance is examining the balance of doors. It is because if the door is not properly balanced, it can create stress on components like openers and others. It leads to the condition of wear and tear. 

You should check the balance by disconnecting the openers and manually opening them. If your see that the door is in place, it is in balanced condition. If they are not, adjust the spring to balance it. 

3. Inspect the weather strip for garage door maintenance 

Regular cleaning of weather strips will keep your garage door safe. If you don’t check properly, dirt, pests, and other elements will enter the garage door. Moreover, all of these will make a damaged door. So, inspect it regularly and keep it clean by replacing these properly. 

4. Check loose hardware 

A garage door has different moving parts than mentioned earlier. So, over a long time, the hardware can be loose. Your garage door can work improperly due to this unfitted hardware. 

Furthermore, it can lead to safety hazards as well. Therefore, checking loose hardware and tightening them is vital in garage door maintenance. 

5. Safety feature 

Lastly, it is vital to check the safety feature of your garage door on a routine basis. For example, the auto-reversed function is a safety feature of the garage door. Another key feature is the photo eye sensor, which can detect objects on the door path. So, checking these features will reduce unwanted injuries. 

Hence, regular maintenance is extremely essential to ensure reliable garage doors. A malfunctioning door can be a cause of property damage and hazards. Besides, regular maintenance can identify small and minor issues before they become a prime risk. Even it will save you money in the long run. So, investing a little amount and effort will be safe and convenient. 

So, your garage door will get a long life by maintaining the mentioned tips. However, if you are facing issues conducting garage door maintenance, hire a garage door expert. They will manage it adequately for you. 

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