A garage door that functions seamlessly is what we all yearn for. But, constant operation leads to wear and tear and occasional glitches. An inefficient garage door causes extreme inconvenience. If there is a problem, you must address it early to keep everything intact. DIY methods can help you save money. At the same time, you cannot address all garage door problems without professional help. Some tasks need expertise and knowledge. Here are the most common garage door issues you can handle and the ones that need expertise.

Cleaning the Garage Door

You can perform these tasks without the help of an expert technician. Use clean water and mild dish soap to clean your door. In addition, rub with a bristle brush or a soft sponge to remove the dirt, debris, and other impurities.

Tightening the Hardware

Daily operation leads to wear and tear naturally. Check the hardware components of your garage door and tighten them as needed. The nuts, bolts, hinges, and roller brackets may come loose over time. Tighten them using a socket wrench and a screwdriver.

Lubricating Tracks

Don’t forget to lubricate the moving parts of your garage door. It is a vital task that optimizes the longevity of the door. Buy white lithium grease or silicone spray to lubricate the tracks and other moving parts, such as roller bearings, hinges, springs, and lift cables.

Garage Door Not Closing Completely

Does your door fail to close as it should? Don’t worry too much. It is one of the most common garage door problems many people experience. You may not need professional help. The culprit could be the safety sensor or photo-eye. By employing an infrared beam, this safety mechanism serves as a safeguard, preventing the garage door from potentially causing harm to people, pets, and any other items in its path.

Blocked or misaligned photo eyes or dirty lenses don’t let the door shut off completely. Check the door opener for a blinking light. You may also hear a ticking sound. If the light blinks on and off rapidly, there is an issue with the sensor.

Fine-tuning the pivot bracket for precise alignment, ensuring the photo eyes remain parallel to both the door and the floor. Look for objects like tools or equipment that block the sensor. If you notice any, remove them. Furthermore, wipe off the dirt and moisture from the sensor. Also, remove cobwebs and other debris on and around the sensor.

Garage Door Problems That Need Expertise

Seek the help of garage door repair services to perform all other repair or maintenance tasks. For example, you should never attempt to repair or replace torsion or extension springs. The extreme tension in the spring can lead to property damage and bodily injuries. So, don’t try to do it yourself to save money.

Repairing electric openers is another task that must be left to professionals. Special expertise is essential to solve the complicated mechanism of door openers. Further, you may need advanced tools to repair the opener. In addition, you cannot handle the process of securing a detached door. Professional assistance is unavoidable in such a situation. Other tasks that make professional help inevitable include repairing or replacing drums, rollers, and cables.


The bottom line is that you must hire a local garage door repair service provider to address complicated problems. Experienced professionals know how to perform these tasks with improved efficiency and safety. You can focus on simple garage door problems like cleaning, tightening, lubricating, and adjusting the sensor.

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