Garage doors make our lives simpler and more convenient. Unfortunately, many people forget about maintenance until a problem occurs. You cannot take a garage door for granted, believing it will keep working forever. Remember that various elements, including chains, rails, springs, and hinges, should work harmoniously to ensure smooth operation. If you don’t lubricate these elements properly, friction increases to reduce the operational efficiency. How to lubricate garage doors efficiently? Let us understand a few simple and practical steps to grease your garage door.

Turn off the Power

Don’t try to lubricate a garage door without turning off the power to the opener. You must follow this step to prevent unwanted accidents. First, you should close the door. Then, switch off the power.

Clean the Tracks

Dirt-free tracks promote smooth movement of rollers. So, vacuum debris and dust off the tracks. You can also use a damp cloth to wipe off the remaining dirt. Do you notice any stubborn grime or dirt? An automatic brake cleaner can be used to remove these stubborn messes.

Lubricate Hinges and Rollers

Now, you have cleaned the tracks. It is time to move on and lubricate the hinges and rollers. When you plan to lubricate garage doors, these are the primary areas you must focus on. Don’t forget to open the door before performing this task. The best option to lubricate your garage door is lithium-based or silicone grease. Lift the door slightly before greasing the hinges. There is no need to spray a lot of grease. A single spray delivers the best results. Then, turn your attention to the rollers. Lubricate them thoroughly, including the ball bearings, to ensure smooth operation.

Grease Bearing Plates and Springs

The next step is to lubricate springs and bearing plates. When you grease these components, keep opening and closing the door to ensure even grease distribution. If you notice any bent or damaged springs, call a garage door repair service to address this issue.

Lubricate the Upper Area of the Rail and Arm Bar

The chain moves along the upper part of the rail to ensure the smooth operation of your garage door. So, it needs to be duly lubricated. The arm bar is the connecting link between the top rail and the garage door. Spray grease on the arm bar to ensure free movement.

Do you hear a strange sound when opening or closing your door? Unwanted friction is what causes this issue. Don’t ignore the importance of lubrication. Lack of proper lubrication makes your door noisy, and eventually, it will stop working. If you follow the best methods to lubricate garage doors, you can keep them optimally functional for a long time.

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